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Air Conditioning R134a/R1234Yf

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101 Auto Care is a specialist in South Miami for vehicle AC repair.

Bring your vehicle by for a complete auto diagnostic!

Car AC Repairs

101 Auto Care offers complete repair for your vehicle's A/C and cooling system. If your A/C is not blowing cold air, take the right step and have your air conditioning system looked at before damage occurs!

Our expert can check your A/C system for leaks or any noise from the engine compartment. We focus on keeping your vehicle's cooling system fully functional.

AC Repair Coral Gables

Complete AC repair for vehicles

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  • Alignments
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  • Car Electrical Repair
  • Power Steering and Coolant Flushes
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Brake & Clutch Repairs

It is fundamentally important to keep both brake and clutch in good condition for your safety on the road. 101 Auto Care provides brake and clutch repairs for all types of vehicles.

Any problems or potential issues with your brakes or clutch are quickly identified and fixed by our experts, ensuring you can get back on the road as soon and as safely as possible.

Providing excellent repair works at affordable prices

AC Repair Kendall

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We provide complete mechanical solutions, repair and advice to mothers, girls and wives.